how to win dispute on paxful

In this conversation. Bonus: Trade more than ₹75,000 for a chance to win … Help me please what should I do to win the disput. Ray Youssef, CEO, and co-founder of Paxful said: “We are proud to partner with BitLipa as we share the same vision and passion for the crypto economy in Africa. Trade more than ₹5,000 using the DiwaliWithPaxful tag for a chance to win a prize between ₹500 and ₹10,000 worth of BTC. 2. Start a new “TRADE” with the vendor, click “PAID” and DISPUTE … Raising a Dispute On most Peer-to-Peer exchanges, the BTC of the seller is held in Escrow, so neither the seller nor the buyer can access it until both parties confirm the transfer of fiat (INR). Don't share your personal information. Please help me I paid a buyer $5002 on paxful he spent the on the two cards and refused to release my Bitcoin. Since Arun did not receive the money, he did not confirm receiving it on LocalBitcoins, which gave an opportunity to both … Help/Question . We hope to open new … In this case, there are mainly 2 things you can do: Click the “REPORT A PROBLEM” button on the trade page and provide as much proof as possible for the moderator to decide. But it is still possible that some Gift Cards exchanged via Paxful are not reversible. I have various of friends and others that have complained about moderators not responding for for weeks and some people I know that have been waiting for over a month for a response from customer support. too many scammers on paxful watch out… too many scammers on paxful watch out and the moderator always support the vendor most time i have all evidence to win i was on my full right and the the moderator supported the vendor thats not a good way to treat your clinet and promoting the site you need to fish out the scammers on paxful to help grow paxful … *Not trying to be a racist* *They do have a group where they share on the methods on how to win the dispute/scam * Their replies are scripted. Paxful has the worse customer support and response times. Read extended Review based on user expirience about Paxful: Paxful are all thieves If your trade ends up in a dispute, our team can’t fully help to resolve the issue since it happened outside of Paxful. They will 1st upload the screenshot of the gift code which showed that its already been redeemed (the screenshot does not show the whole steam window and its the same picture used … Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Check that your address bar is "" before entering your account details. The rules are simple: New users only can create a new Paxful account and get ID verified for a chance to win ₹1,000 worth of BTC. Don’t chat outside of Paxful’s trade chat. Both companies pride themselves in a secure and efficient tech stack, timely dispute settlement, and 24-7 customer support. I check … No we are since days in dispute and she will win, she even send a Video where it shows that the Code is not valid which dosent proof nothing as she typed 3 times wrong the security Code in the Video which give her the time to redeem on the Phone or somone standing behind her doing it and than claiming my Voucher is not valid … Before I sent him the card I check the two cards balance $5002 was there and I show it to the seller to see the balance before I sent the card to him.

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